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The Testing at TrekNorth
Embedded in the mission of TrekNorth is the belief that all students deserve a shot at college-ready experiences like the rigor of mastering an AP exam.  While we administer all of the required state standardized tests, we also work to help students derive personal meaning about their accomplishments on these tests as they prepare to become AP students.  

What students are expected to know and do as a result of their public school education has changed in scope and rigor quite a bit.  The reality is that most of the facts and dates that many of us needed to memorize to be successful as students are available with the click of a few keys on the Internet.  Students are now expected to think deeply about what they read, write and experience in school to answer why and how things occur from multiple perspectives.  As a result, the act of passing our state MCA tests is definitely something individuals can mark as a major accomplishment on their road to adulthood.  We find ways to celebrate success with students as they work to achieve their personal goals with these tests.  

Here’s a brief description of the tests students take at Trek.

Star Test in Reading and Math
Students will participate in Star testing in language arts and math classes in all grades.  Star tests will be given during fall, winter, and spring screening windows, and may be given more frequently at teacher discretion.  Star test results will be used to track student progress towards MCA proficiency, and to help identify students needing interventions.

MCAs in Reading
Reading tests are given in grades 6-8 and 10 in the spring of every school year.  They focus on students being able to understand how a piece of writing is structured by the author and the kinds of writing devices an author uses to express the storyline or argument. A practice reading test, or the OLPA, is given once a year as well, to help students mark their progress on the path to proficiency.  

MCAs in Math
Math tests are given in grades 6-8 and 11 in the spring of every school year.  They focus on students being able solve complex, multi-step problems based on real-world situations using math.  Practice math tests, or the OLPA, are given twice a year as well, to help students mark their progress on the path to proficiency.  

MCAs in Science
In the spring of every year, science tests are given in grade 8 and to high schoolers that have just finished their Biology class. Often, the problems focus on students solving problems with given scientific scenarios they might encounter doing real-world research and investigations.  

As part of its college-readiness focus, all 11th graders at Trek are provided the opportunity to take the ACT, at the school’s expense, during the school day in the spring of their 11th grade year.  

AP exams
Students enrolled in AP classes work with their teachers during the spring to practice for their selected AP exam.  In consultation with their teacher, students have the option to then take the AP exam and receive college credit for a passing score.  There is no cost to Trek students for participation on AP exams.

Things for parents to keep in mind about testing at Trek:

* We celebrate growth here at Trek, in addition to passing the test.  All students are encouraged to set personal goals to work toward when it comes to testing.  While proficiency is significant hallmark of success, so is meeting the rigorous growth goal. For example, as of the fall of 2015 throughout Minnesota, only about 33% of students met their growth goal on state tests while about 60% pass the reading and math tests.  

* A great night’s sleep, a decent breakfast, and “I know you can do it” go a long way in supporting student success on tests. 

* Our schoolwide results are published every year on the Minnesota School Report Card or in our downloadable Annual Report.  (l http://rc.education.state.mn.us

For more Information:

For questions about the tests and Trek’s testing program, contact Ryan Webber(rwebberl@treknorth.org)







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