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Andrew Wiggins was born in Toledo, Ohio during the Nixon years. These were difficult times for the wee lad who even at such a young age was aware that something wasn't quite right with that man. Perhaps it was his nose that didn't sit right with him, or maybe it was the way his words made him feel like he was both colicky and teething at the same time. Whatever it was it mattered not, for soon Nixon threw himself upon a somewhat blunt sword of justice and the baby grew into a young boy who moved to Louisville, Kentucky shortly after the 200 year anniversary of the birth of our nation.

While in Louisville, Andy, as he came to be called, developed a passion for swimming and soccer. Because of this his mother nicknamed him "Sport". As with his grades while in school, he was average at both of these endeavors. Unlike school, however, Andy truly enjoyed both of these activities and always did his best- something his father advised him to do faithfully every morning before leaving for work. Andy has an older brother and sister who added to the trauma of the Nixon years whenever they had the opportunity. However, as the years passed and the therapy progressed, he finally came to terms with his role in the family as the youngest child..... but still has a noticeable tick whenever he hears the name "Nixon".

In 1983 Andy moved from his beloved town of Louisville to a suburb outside of Chicago whose name is not important for his story to be properly understood. Suffice it to say, it was a suburb like any other suburb: the houses lined up on the streets like disciplined soldiers and the lawns were clipped with an uncanny precision that would make any army company commander proud. It was in a climate such as this that Andy developed his love of satire and irony: two traits that would cause him many.... adventures while serving in Uncle Sam's Navy.

Upon his discharge from the military, Andy spent time at a small college in Jacksonville, Florida before transferring to Bemidji State University in 1991. Graduating with Honors in 1998, he received a degree in English, a degree in History, and more importantly, met his wonderful wife Lisa and his step-son Deacon while pursuing these goals. Soon after graduation, the three of them moved to Bagley, Minnesota, a town known for it's metal shed architecture (an offshoot of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie School Movement), where they currently operate a 20 acre hobby farm.

In 2002 Andy won the Northern Minnesota Bocce League Championship and has since added two more major championship titles in 2006 and 2008. It was after the 2002 title while riding high on the adrenaline of victory that Andy decided to return to Bemidji State University to pursue a degree in Education. While at Bemidji State, Andy became aware of TrekNorth High School and badgered them ruthlessly until, worn out and weary, they gave him a job as the Dean of Students. Much like Dr. Frankenstein, TrekNorth is now in charge of the monster they have created; a monster who believes that the problems of the world can be solved if enough people make the conscience decision to watch more Elvis Presley movies, and that a pat on the back goes a lot further than a swat on the behind. This, however, does not apply to Nixon



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