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Kristin Gustafson - Executive Director/AP Art Teacher

I am the Executive Director and AP Art Teacher at TrekNorth School. It is an honor to serve the staff, students, and community at TrekNorth. I feel lucky to have landed the job of the art teacher in 2006 and grow with the school into an administrative position in 2014.

I have my masters in educational leadership with a principal and superintendent add on. Prior to TrekNorth, I worked as an art teacher in Long Prairie and Hayfield School Districts. I believe whole heartedly in our mission of giving every student the opportunity to take and Advanced Placement Class and in the offering opportunities for growth in character and understanding through our Service Learning and Outdoor Adventure Programs.

TrekNorth is also a tremendous supporter of the arts and that is evident in the student artwork and musical performances that come out of our school. It is just a really great place to work when you are passionate about education!



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