Chance Adams - English - cadams@treknorth.org

After graduating from Bemidji State University, I was uncertain if I had chosen the career that would suit me best.  Hesitant to even apply for jobs, I then found TrekNorth and have been living the dream ever since.  TrekNorth confirmed that I had made the correct career choice in becoming a teacher.  The TrekNorth community has challenged me to become a better teacher sending me to the National Middle School Conference in Tennessee in 2006 and to the Augsburg AP institute in 2007.  TrekNorth has also increased my love of nature through our Outdoor Adventure Program.  Not to mention increasing my backpacking skills tenfold.   

In my third year at TrekNorth, I have never been so excited to start the school year and help prepare the youth of Northern Minnesota for what tomorrow brings.  This year promises to challenge us all and increase our knowledge.  As the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “It is the duty of every man and woman to seek knowledge.”  So let us seek knowledge together. 

Chance Adams   


Some of my favorite quotes:

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.                                                              El-Malik el-Shabbazz (Malcom X)

The teacher and the taught together produce the teaching.                        A sufi saying

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.                        Latin proverb

If you think education is expensive – try ignorance.                                    Derek Bok

People oppose things because they are ignorant of them.                        El-Ghazali



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