Mission Statement
TrekNorth will prepare young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.

TrekNorth is a place where all students pursue a rigorous course of study and challenging wilderness experiences designed to prepare them for college and life beyond. Students are nourished by a supportive, healthy, and safe learning community of engaged peers, teachers and families. Students develop strong academic and life skills that give to them a positive self- identity and a strong connection to their community and to the world at large. TrekNorth is a community and graduates are capable of deliberately creating other communities similarly characterized by compassion, sustainability, challenge, and global thinking.

TrekNorth’s mission is to maximize student academic success by challenging and supporting individual students on an academic path that includes participation in a spectrum of vertically aligned college-readiness courses, including Advanced Placement courses. TrekNorth’s mission is to develop leadership skills in all students through required participation in wilderness experiences and outdoor skill development. TrekNorth’s mission is to support students by requiring parental collaboration in key areas, by providing parents the necessary education and training to be an effective partner, and by committing to the successful implementation of a comprehensive wellness curriculum. TrekNorth’s mission is to actively guide students in their process of developing a positive self identity and a responsibility to serve their community. TrekNorth’s mission is to graduate students who have the desire and ability to build community.


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