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TrekNorth is planning to add K-5. Plead read the Expansion Notice for information.

Spring Soccer Practice
Spring soccer starts Tuesday April 26th and runs through May 5th from 3:30-5.

Spring soccer is a great opportunity for new and curious players to come and check out the beautiful game of soccer. It's TrekNorth's only team sport !! Returning players are expected to attend. There will be a shuttle to Red Lake after each practice.

The TrekNorth Middle and High School soccer teams will be competing in the Bemidji State University Groundhog 6 vs 6 Tournament on April 30th and May 1st. Please turn in medical waivers to Dan G. Email dgannon@treknorth.org with any questions.


Trek is in the Bemidji Pioneer!
Sustaining Success in Education

Trek is in the Star Tribune!
At Bemidji Charter, American Indian Students Excel!

2015 Annual Report & World's Best WorkForce

TrekNorth Breakfast program
Breakfast runs from 7:45 to 8:25 a.m.! 

Breakfast is a $1.50 if you do NOT qualify for free or reduced lunch!!  Make sure to turn in your lunch applications to see if you qualify!

TrekNorth Recycles! 
Bring in your used ink cartridges, cell phones and devices to Trek. We will recycle them and get credit for them.

For more information please contact Jen at 218-444-1888 (ext 106) or you can also check out Funding Factory eligible items.


TrekNorth Bracelets
We are selling these bracelets for a $10 minimum donation.  The money goes to March of Dimes and Water for Good.


Dear Friends:

I am reaching out to you to help me inspire my students to reach their highest potential. AdoptAClassroom.org is an easy and accountable way for you to contribute funds and make a real difference for me and my students.

100% of your contribution goes directly to my account. AdoptAClassroom.org takes $0 out for administration. No bureaucracy and no red tape; just immediate impact.

Here's a description of our specific needs:


Having a high number of students who live in poverty does not make our school unique among many who are asking for help on AdoptAClassroom.org.

We are a charter school that serves students in the Bemidji, MN area, including the Red Lake and Leech Lake Indian Reservations. Because we are a public school, we do not charge tuition to attend, and are open to all who apply, if there is space.

We also are limited in what funding is available to us, so we have to spend our money very carefully. We are a five-time Reward School, according to the MN Department of Education, and our Advanced Placement statistics are better than most other schools around, and higher than the state average. In order to have students be prepared for careers in the science fields, the science department devotes as much money as we can to equipment, however that can eat up a large chunk of our budget.

We are looking for money to purchase two more electronic balances for our lab. The ones we are looking at are $277 each. We have four of them and six lab stations, so two more would give us one balance per four students. This would speed up labs, give more students the ability to be hands-on and engaged, and increase understanding.

Thanks for helping our students gain valuable experience with science!


To learn how you can support my efforts click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your Internet browser):

Jennifer Aakre Adopt a Classroom Donation Page

I greatly appreciate your consideration in making a contribution. Please pass this email on to your employers and friends.

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Aakre

Check out our AP Exam performance!

AP Scores AP Graphics





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TrekNorth is seeking qualified applicants for a 1.0FTE position working as a paraprofessional within the Special Education Department.  The position is likely to include a wide range of duties including, but not limited to:  one-on-one student work, leading small groups, or being a program paraprofessional in the classroom while working with students in grades 6-12. 

The paraprofessional is responsible for providing instructional and behavioral support to special education students under the direction of a licensed special education teacher.  Qualified applicants need a 2 or 4 year degree from a post-secondary institution.  

TrekNorth Jr. & Sr. High School is a public charter school serving 240 students in grades 6-12.  TrekNorth is a college-prep school with an emphasis on Advanced Placement and Pre-Advanced Placement programming, as well as a unique Outdoor Adventure Program and Service Learning Program.  Applicants with the desire and ability to lead student trips through these programs will be given preference.  

The position will be open until filled, with the goal to hire by early August.  Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, three references, and copies of relevant licensure to the following address (or email to mlarson@treknorth.org):

TrekNorth Jr. & Sr. High School
Attn: Mark Larson
2400 Pine Ridge Ave NW
Bemidji, MN 56601


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Email Trek North High School Click here to request an application.