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Authorizer Information

All charter schools in Minnesota are required to have an authorizer, which is the primary organization charged with overseeing the operations of the charter school.

TrekNorth Authorizer Name: Volunteers of America
Authorizer Liaison: Stephanie Olsen

Authorizer Contact Information:
Volunteers of America
Education Center
924 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: 612-270-1998
Email: solsen@voamn.org

Authorizing, Accountability, & Relationship
TrekNorth first contracted with Volunteers of America (VOA) for authorization for the 2003-04 school year, and in May of 2014 received an unconditional renewal of authorization with Volunteers of America for the next five years. The relationship between TrekNorth and VOA can be described as positive and formative.  TrekNorth continues to receive guidance from VOA in the areas of finance, learning program, and school leadership and governance.  In the past few years, TrekNorth received awards from VOA for Excellence in Board Governance and for Excellence in Financial Management.  Additionally, the added level of accountability created by on-site visits pushes TrekNorth to frequently compile, assess, and report on student achievement data.  The combination of a World’s Best Workforce Report to VOA means TrekNorth is always considering data and using data to form the school.  Because of VOA influence, TrekNorth is committed to using data to drive decision-making, and this has resulted in impressive gains in student achievement as measured by MCA testing, AP testing, the ACT, and in-class assessments.  





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